Tuesday, 6 April 2010

April 10.

So it’s been a year, just over actually by 3 days that I have been on baclofen to try and cure my addiction to alcohol. Did it work? Yes absolutely. Was it easy? Relatively, although I had my ups and downs as you know. Do I recommend it for alcohol addiction and cravings? Yes I do. It has helped me beyond my wildest dreams; I have got my life back, my health is improving daily, I am happier in myself, everything seems more manageable and it feels there is nothing I can’t do. I still occasionally get mildly anxious but it always passes relatively smoothly and I never reach for a drink any more. It’s over eight months since my last alcoholic beverage and honestly it’s been easy to do, if I had felt I wanted a drink socially and responsibly there was nothing stopping me I just chose not to. I wonder to myself what I will drink when the day comes or the situation arises? I think of champagne at parties and brandies after dinner but as of yet nothing has enticed me that much. Once again my biggest thanks to those that made this possible and stood by me, Dr. Oliver Ameisen who without a doubt made this all possible in the first place, My own good Dr. For having the compassion to help me and the courage to try something new, and to my loving partner Rachel who was always there with support and encouragement to help me conquer my alcoholism. And of course thank you to everyone that read this blog and for your words of kindness.

And remember: Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.

God bless


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March 10

It’s almost a year that I have been doing this blog, unbelievable. In that space of time I have gone from alcoholic to virtually no alcohol ever. It really seems like years and years ago I used to drink. Initially when I started this blog I did so to monitor my progress and I didn’t really think anyone was going to read it. It’s had its peak really, but I'm surprised after the results baclofen has had regarding curing addiction that its not available everywhere??? But it’s still definitely easier to buy alcohol then it is to request baclofen from your Dr. so you can stop or at least control your alcoholism, so what’s it all about in that case? Maybe we will see a surge in black market baclofen eventually? In April I shall stop updating this blog but I shall leave it to read for anyone that comes along who it might help make a decision before they acquire baclofen or approach their Dr. to request or discuss the possibilities. Obviously no beer for me.

Have had a pretty uneventful week, and have been trying to decide of what I want to do over the coming months? It has been very quiet on the work front and that has been giving me a lot spare hours in the day, although I enjoy taking my dog out going to the gym and so on I feel I should be doing something more to generate some extra money. No beer for me although the other day I thought it might be a nice idea to have a glass of red wine one day with my partner when we go out for a meal? I am always saying things like that nowadays and it never materialises. I do find it amusing and amazing that baclofen has changed my life so incredibly, I shall be forever grateful I think.

I have been concentrating on a few ideas to earn some extra cash and hopefully I should get that rolling by the next couple of weeks. No beers or anything and when I was feeling a bit down in the dumps the other day I thought about how I used to drink even more at any adversity and it’s the last thing I want nowadays if I’m feeling blue. It’s the Easter break once again and I really don’t like that long weekend and its going to be the first sober one I can remember so hopefully I can find something fun to do. April 3rd makes it a year since I started baclofen and Easter weekend makes it 8 months since I’ve had a beer at all.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

February 2010

A really busy week last week and I was glad to have today off. Have been exercising regularly quite intensely and this week I look to start my Krav Maga. Have been trading a lot recently and its finally starting to pay off. Absolutely no beers or cravings, I am even thinking of lowering my dose to 60 mg.

Another busy week over with and having a day off Tuesday. Didn’t lower my dose although I’m sure I will eventually. Had really bad motion sickness yesterday in the back of my partner’s car, absolutely no idea where that came from? But I had it again this evening whilst lounging on the sofa. It’s nothing to do with the baclofen I’m sure, as it’s similar to vertigo that I had once before although I never felt this sick, it tends to pass once I stay vertical or propped up. Apart from that I’m good.

Have got the family here and have been doing loads of stuff around the house. No beer although I had a dream that I was having one...

It’s amazing that February is almost over, the weeks are just flashing by. As a month on the whole I do like February but this is the quickest one I can ever remember. No beers for me and my partner is not really drinking anymore so she’s reaping the benefits also.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

January 2010

Happy new year everyone, I really can’t believe I am still doing this blog, so many people seem to start blogs and give up after a couple of months or so. In about 10 weeks it is a year that I started looking at baclofen for a cure for my alcoholism and as you know it certainly did cure me. As it’s the beginning of January obviously loads of people are making their resolutions and I hope baclofen gets a good coverage??? I was asked to do an interview regarding my experience with baclofen but I declined, the main reason being I had family and friends that we need and want to keep out of any publicity, but maybe I can do it for a foreign TV channel? Like in Japan or even Scotland??? [HA HA] Seriously though I hope it gets a good blast this January in somewhere like Scotland or Ireland where there seems to be a big problem.

I actually bought my Dr. a vintage bottle of red wine for Christmas, talk about pardon the pun... But his Secretary assured me that’s what he liked.

Strangely enough last year seemed to go quicker than any I remember, much quicker than when I was drinking every day, every week, every month, every year? So what am I going to do this year? I have quite a bit planned actually, improving my health and finances are top of the agenda. I have found a martial art that’s not exactly a martial art that I start hopefully this week, and I’ve also got my other exercise regimes planned, also I have started to take my dog out and that has been lovely and will also help out on the fitness side of things. I have a couple of business ideas ready to go also; one is actually a blog that is going to convert free members to paying members, the other is going to take a bit of work but it’s to do with extras.

That seemed to be a long week, although I made progress in various areas. My dog has started to go to the toilet outside and I’m so proud of her, so the clearing up has got lot easier, she has also started to enjoy the outdoors in general much better. I have still been going to the gym regularly and I started my training regime plus a good diet and walking so I feel really quite good physically and mentally. Work should pick up this month also? Although I am literally breaking even on my sports trading this month although I’ve I still have 3 weeks to go. Shall start my other blog this month and also get going with my other idea. I spoke to my Dr. also this week and he had some very encouraging news to tell me as he has actually prescribed baclofen to another patient and advised me he still liaises with Dr. A. So that is good to hear.

Another good week, I have been keeping to my training regime and work has been picking up. Also it has been really good to get out and walk my dog every day. I have a lot planned this year and totally believe I can achieve it all, mainly because I have a clear head and I am free from my alcoholism. Around the later part of this month it has been 6 months since I have had an alcoholic beverage and I relish the achievement of this still today and to be honest I think I always shall.

At last the end of January is almost here, I always tend to find January an awkward month, and the weather is usually rubbish as it has been here, and people in general seem to already been dreading the year ahead so soon after their new year’s resolutions. So with all the negative energy around I wish I could be in the sun on a beach with my partner having a well deserved break. But in all fairness this year I realise the future is always coming and I found January to be a lot easier than normal as I am so much more optimistic than usual due to not drinking my way through it. Spring is round the corner and I am buzzing.